Cosa fare a Malta nel mese di maggio: eventi e attività imperdibili


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Cosa fare a Malta nel mese di maggio: eventi e attività imperdibili

Malta food festival

Dear readers, are you ready for another adventure in Malta? With the month of May upon us, there is an endless amount of activities and events to do and see on the island. And what better way to explore all that Malta has to offer than with a rental car from Freeways Auto Rentals? We are here to give you our best tips on what to do in Malta in May!


Feast ta’ Ġorġ tal-Ħaġar – 3 May

Victoria’s City Patron Festival is a celebration of food, music, dance and fireworks that takes place in the capital of Gozo. If you visit Gozo at this time of year, don’t miss the opportunity to participate in the St George’s festival.


Malta Rally – May 8-9

Motoring enthusiasts cannot miss the Malta Rally, a car race held on the island’s public roads. This is a spectacular event for motor enthusiasts and a great chance to see Malta from a different point of view.


White night – May 15th

Malta’s White Night is an annual event celebrating the island’s culture and art. The streets of Valletta and other Maltese cities are lit up with live music performances, street art, open-air cinemas, art exhibitions and much more. It is a unique experience not to be missed!


Festa ta’ Sant’Andrija – 25 May

The Feast of St Andrija is one of the largest and most popular feasts in Malta. It takes place in different cities of the island and features fireworks, live music, delicious food and many other fun activities. Don’t miss the opportunity to join this party if you are in Malta at this time of year!


Apart from these activities and events, there are also many other activities to do in Malta such as visiting the beaches, hiking, shopping in the local markets and so much more. And with a rental car from Freeways Auto Rentals, you can explore everything the island has to offer easily and affordably.


We look forward to welcoming you to Malta this May. And don’t forget to reserve your vehicle with Freeways Auto Rentals to make your experience even better!


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